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DOB: November 2013




Chica is very active, she loves to play with laser lights and feather toys. She gets along well with other cats & small dogs. (*) 








DOB: November 2013



This is Pinkie, Chica's sister. She is a little shy at first but once she warms up to you she is a snuggler. She loves to be held & cuddled. She gets along well with other non-aggressive cats  & is learning to live with dogs. (*)





DOB: October 1, 2013




Magda is a sweet, gentle girl, but a bit shy. (*) 







Jack Jack

DOB: November 30, 2013



Jack-Jack is an adorable, handsome boy who has a loud purr when petted.  While he likes being petted he is still working at getting over his shyness enough to enjoy being held.  He delights is romping with a stuffed mouse.  This cutie is nicknamed Munchkin because he has a round face and slightly short legs.  He also has the cutest vocabulary of sounds that he uses. (*) 








DOB: November 27, 2013



 Linel is an extra soft bundle of fur.  While shy at first, he does enjoy being held, especially if you rub his cheeks.  The laser light is his favorite toy. (*) 









DOB: July 15, 2013





Emily is an adorable Manx kitten with a little stub of a tail. She has a playful, spunky personality and would love to find her forever home. (*) 








DOB: May 15, 2013


Raini has long, beautiful, soft fur with striking colors. Raini is shy and hesitant with strangers in the beginning. She's just not sure who she can trust. She has lots of "torti-tude". Once she watches you for awhile and sees all you want to do is play with her, she will come out of her shell and want to play and chase toys. She will even follow at your feet begging you to pick her up. Once she knows you, she will let you hold her and pet her and she will purr away and fall asleep in your lap. Although she gets along fine with her brother and mother, she's not sure yet how she feels about other cats. (*)
















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