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DOB: May 7, 2014



I have many skills. Jumping, eating, playing, hiding, etc. But, truthfully, I’m counting on my good looks to find me a forever home. Yep, I’ve got the looks. Just call me ole blue eyes. I like other cats and dogs, too. Let’s go home together and show everyone your good taste. (*)








DOB: May 7, 2014



For now, playing is my main gig. I like to hide, wait until someone walks by and lay some Jackie Chan on them. For some reason, I really love hidey holes – boxes, under couches, whatever is available.  (*)








DOB: May 10, 2014



I was born outside with my brother. My mom carried us across a field, one at a time, where a nice lady took us in and cared for us. I love to play, sleep, eat.(*)








DOB: May 10, 2014



"I've been adopted!"








DOB: January 2014



Memoriana loves attention! She is a very sweet girl with beautiful markings. She likes other cats, but she has never lives with dogs or children. (*)







Pele and Sydnie

DOB:  April 30, 2014



These two girls are a lively, fun-loving pair.  They play and play, entertaining anyone watching, or will be thrilled to play with you, or with children, and have been around a dog.









Pele loves to be petted and has a wonderful purr, but is too busy playing to stay for any long lap time.  She is beautiful, with adorable markings.  She was given her name, Pele, because she likes to play with a ping pong ball like a soccer ball. (*)








Sidney has been adopted!







Remix, Audio, Lyric and Capella

DOB:  May 1, 2014



These adorable babies were only four weeks old when their previous owner removed them from their mom and abandoned them at a high kill shelter. Luckily, they were rescued the same day and have been in a foster home ever since. In the beginning, they still needed to be bottle-fed (see picture on the right). After overcoming several health issues, Remix and his siblings are now healthy and ready to find their forever homes. They are shy in new situations and will most likely need a few days to adjust to a new home, but they are fearless and playful in their foster home. All four of them would do best without young children and with another cat to play with. Or, even better, adopt a pair!









Remix is the biggest and most playful of the litter. He loves all toys (and playing with his siblings), but DaBird is definitely his favorite! (*)










Audio, the other boy in the litter, is almost as big as his brother Remix. He loves to play and is starting to turn into more of a cuddler. (*)











Lyric has gorgeous dilute Calico markings. She is a bit more laid back than her brothers, but really enjoys the company of the other cats.








Capella is the smallest and cuddliest. This little girl loves to climb into her foster mom’s lap and ask for attention. (*)









DOB:  April 18, 2014



Jinx has been adopted!











Nina is very shy and cautious and would be great as a one-person cat. She likes to be held and petted, but she has to be caught since she doesn’t seek out contact. However, she is also very playful and loves treats. (*)








Ringo and Sixx

DOB:  April 16, 2014



Ringo has been adopted





















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